About Us

Roam Barefoot was born from the desire to make barefoot shoes more accessible to the New Zealand market. 

Mary and Georgi

We are Georgi and Mary - two passionate mums who have personally experienced the amazing benefits of barefoot shoes. After years of discomfort and foot-related issues (as well as postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction), we made the switch to barefoot footwear and we've never looked back!

As part of our mission, we aim to educate and inspire our community to embrace the barefoot lifestyle. We share valuable resources over on our Instragram page @roambarefoot, including foot exercises, pelvic health and tips for everyday movement to help your feet and your whole body be at their best. We also provide helpful information on successfully transitioning to barefoot shoes, and plan to host workshops and provide opportunities for you to try barefoot shoes in person!

We understand that it can be daunting to spend your hard earned money on something you can't try on first, and may need to return overseas! We want to break down barriers for New Zealanders who want to embrace the barefoot lifestyle but don't know where to start or are worried about wasting money.

We invite you to join our barefoot journey and discover the countless benefits of walking in sync with nature.