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PaperKrane Kids Sneakers - Oat Milk Velcro - Vegan

PaperKrane Kids Sneakers - Oat Milk Velcro - Vegan

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Introducing the PaperKrane Oat Milk Velcro kids sneakers, made of beautiful soft vegan leather.

PaperKrane is excited to be offering a range of vegan shoes for the first time. This has come has a result of their desire to increase their sustainability and earth friendliness, as well as cater to the huge amount of requests they have had for vegan footwear. They have found a really nice alternative to leather, which they have rigorously tested, and it wears incredibly well whilst still being soft, flexible and comfortable.

The kids shoes have PaperKrane's original rubber soles in sizes 24-36. They are zero-drop, ultra lightweight, and super flexible.

Has your child's size sold out? Check out our other kids' styles, or if you want to order directly from PaperKrane in Australia, you can use the code ROAM10 for 10% off full priced items on the PaperKrane website

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  • Creamy vegan leather upper
  • Vegan lining
  • Microfiber insole (not removable)
  • Creamy rubber sole
  • Velcro straps

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Choosing the right size

Please ensure you have measured your feet - see our how to measure my feet guide - and check the size chart for each style (see above). Be Lenka size charts may not correlate with other brands and are also different between the different styles of shoe.

We recommend adding an extra 0.5 - 1.2 cm to the total length of your foot, which will give you the ideal shoe size.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are unsure!

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