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Naboso Neuro Ball

Naboso Neuro Ball

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The Naboso Neuro Ball is our triple threat of foot activation and comfort.

First it acts as a massage tool releasing the muscles of your feet as you roll it around with your foot.

Second, the ball is coated in our unique sensory stimulation textures that wake up and activate the nerve-dense surface of your feet.

Third, the ball actually splits in two and in the center you will find an even smaller ball to help with acute muscle release on the bottom of your feet. 

Recommend for: 

  • Resetting the feet at the end of a long day or hard workout 
  • Massaging foot muscles and minimizing arch pain associated with plantar fasciitis 
  • Improving foot and leg recovery for healthy movement  

The Neuro Ball is one of the most versatile and dynamic tools on the market designed to treat your feet.

The Neuro Ball usually comes in blue, but we currently have stock of the limited time green ball.

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