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Xero Running Shoes - HFS II (Women)

Xero Running Shoes - HFS II (Women)

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HFS II – A New Take On Our Most Popular Running Shoe

An evolution of our best selling road running shoe, the HFS II is even more comfortable, and more stylish.

While we call it a road runner, we know you’ll do much more in it and can’t wait to see the pics of where it takes you and what you do.

Light, Grippier, and Comfier

Like the original HFS, the HFS II is super lightweight, so you’ll feel like you’re flying down the road. And with a new tire tread-inspired outsole, you’ll feel secure even if you go off road.

HFS II is so comfy, you might forget to take them off at the end of your run – we’ve even had people go to bed still wearing their shoes because they forgot they had them on!

We Haven’t Sole-d Out ?

The HFS II sole looks thick, but it’s an illusion.

We’ve added a thin BareFoam™ layer for extra protection and wrapped it, cup-like, around the upper giving the HFS II a more familiar-looking profile.

Made to Last

Like all Xero Shoes, the HFS II has a 5,000 mile sole warranty to outlast typical running shoes that are supposed to be replaced after 200-500 miles.

Why HFS?

Well, it could be for the “Highly Flexible Sole” that lets your foot move naturally, or the face you’ll make when you put it on — “Happy Face Shoe” — or the way you run in it with a “High Frequency Stride”, or what you exclaim when you put it on and feel the comfort and light weight: “Holy ___ ___!”

There are as many possible answers as there are things you’ll do in the HFS II.

Size Guide

The sizes listed are women's US sizing. See the size chart below for measurements and size conversions. We recommend ordering your usual size.

Women may prefer to go with an equivalent men's size for a slightly wider fit. Likewise men with narrow feet may prefer women's sizing. See the HFS II (Men) listing for men's sizing.

Xero women's size guide

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Choosing the right size

Please ensure you have measured your feet - see our how to measure my feet guide - and check the size chart for each style (see above). Be Lenka size charts may not correlate with other brands and are also different between the different styles of shoe.

We recommend adding an extra 0.5 - 1.2 cm to the total length of your foot, which will give you the ideal shoe size.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are unsure!

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